Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ellie's First Birthday Wishlist

Ellie's First Birthday Wishlist

Ellie's First Birthday Wishlist by lifeonthefarm 

I just realized that I haven't posted Ellie's first birthday wishlist!  Better late than never...of course we still have about 10 days until her party so maybe I am not too late!

1. We are in a huge need for a toy box for in our living/family room.  I have been searching for one to corral all of her stuff in so my house doesn't look like a daycare but haven't found one that I like that is in my budget.  I am hoping to get a soft canvas type one so that she won't hurt herself getting her toys out.

2. Childhood wouldn't be complete without a wagon.  The great thing about the radio flyer's are their awesome red color and that they are customizable and you can get a canopy for them! I can see park and zoo visits in our near future!

3.  Now that Ellie is more mobile she is loving opening and closing doors so I think a mini kitchen is just the trick for her.  And since I love cooking its a great way to get her "involved".  My challenge is to find one that fits our budget and my design style.  I am not a fan of all the plastic ones out there so I am looking for a wood one.  And if you know me then you know I have a soft spot for white kitchens in my life so Ellie's will need to follow suit!

4. To go along with the Play Kitchen we need food and pots/pans/utensils to go along with it.  Again I am not a fan of plastic so if I can find these items in wood or fabric I am all over them.  Then again maybe these can be a DIY?!

5.  If you have little's then you know how they love to hide and be in small places.  Teepee's are the in thing right now and I just know it will be a lot more fun than making a fort.  There are so many different company's out there that are making them, luckily for me I found a tutorial on how to make one and a good friend who is good with a needle!

6.  The weather is really starting to pick up here in the PNW and girlfriend loves herself a bath.  Why not combine the two and get her a kiddie pool so she can lounge these hot days away in her cute little bathing suits!

What were some of your must have's for you little's First Birthday? I would love to know in the comments below.

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  1. awwww I love the kitchen set. awesome looking and looks so real. just like the fruit does too.


  2. So many cute things! I am thinking of getting Ethan a kitchen for his second birthday! He loves copying everything we do! ;)

  3. Lots of fun stuff. We got my oldest a Radio Flyer Pathfinder? when she was 6 months old. She's almost 7 and we are still using it. Wagons are a total must of childhood!

  4. take a look on amazon for kidkraft kitchens - that's where we got Callie's at a great price! ikea also has some good fabric and metal kichten assesories for good prices. I think the wagon is a must too! she'll love all of it!!

  5. I think all of these are so adorable! I'm obsessed with the tee-pees! So cute!


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