Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Confessional @ September F A R M

Hey Y'all!  I can't tell you how excited I am to be guest posting on another Farmer's blog!  I'm Ashley and I blog over at "Life on the Parsons Farm".  Its just a little blog that has really helped me to document happenings around our farm and how our adorable little daughter Ellie is growing!

Life on the Parsons Farm

Today I wanted to share with you some of my pet peeves and embarrassing moments in my life!

  • I don't know about y'all but I cannot stand it when people (usually they are elderly) drive slow in the left lane.  The left lane is meant for passing so if  you are just gonna go slow get over!
  • Or when semi-trucks are driving in the passing lane at 55 mph--argh it makes me so angry!
  • I love connecting with my readers and commenting back to them but it really irritates me when they are a "noreply-comment" blogger.  I have no way of figuring out how to contact them and it makes me so mad that I draft this thoughtful response to them only to realize they aren't ever gonna get it.  To learn how to fix it you can ready my post here.
  • I'm a shorty at 4'12'' (okay that is 5').  I love being short but with it I have some short-comings (pun intended).  I can't reach the top shelves in our kitchen, or get things in and out of the oven if the door is all the way open, nor can I reach the back of the top rack of the dishwasher when the door is all the way down.  Often times my husband gets annoyed when I ask him for his help and then I have to remind him that my arms only about an inch long so my life is difficult!
  • I have anger issues.  I tend to get super angry at situation due to user error (yes my error) and then get unnecessarily angry and frustrated - its embarrassing. Like that one time I was running down the stairs after the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle - oh those stairs didn't know what wrath they were going to entail for that one.  Or the other time I tried spray painting a frame and had the nozzle facing me - yeah that poor can had no idea what hit him!!
  • I also can get pretty judgmental of how some people choose to parent their children.  I get that we are all in different stages and have our own techniques, belief system, and non-negotiables.  But come on!! Who wants to have someone else's child over at their house (with their parents no less) and have the children jump on their new white couch while the parent just ignores and you the home owner have to reprimand the child?!!?!?!? Lets have some courtesy people!!
  • I tend to be pretty clumsy and throw my projector remote and power point clicker across the classroom on a weekly basis - all because I like to talk with my hands!
  • And I will leave you with one last gem.  Back in the day (in college) I used to ride my bicycle around campus.  I was running late one winter day and decided it would be quicker for me to ride rather than walk in the snow.  As I was coming to an intersection (I was riding on the sidewalk) the path was very narrow and a pedestrian was coming at me.  I tried with all my might to go in as straight of a line as quickly as I could so neither of us had to go off the trail when I over corrected my front wheel just a little too much and tipped over into the snowbank. The walker kept on going and after I pulled myself and the bike out of the snow hill there was the perfect indentation of a person on a bike left in the side of the snow.  Embarrassing and I am sure I could hear him laughing as he walked by.  Needless to say - I never rode a bike in the snow again!
Thanks for reading this far!! Hope you will stop by my blog for some more laughs and a look at another small farmer's life!

♥ Ashley


  1. Everyone has pet peeves. Sometimes I can't think of mine when I'm put on the spot.

    I can't stand when people drive slow either. Esp if they know someone is behind them. Makes me angry that semi's can go 70 or more and never get stopped around here but the first time I do it I"ll get pulled over. What's the difference? I'm now 5'3 and use to be 5'4. I've shrunk. I get angry about certain things myself girl. Everyone does. I was a mom to kid who wasn't mine by blood and i was the only mom she knew for 7 yrs. So when folks throw up in my face I dont know how to be a mom. I say other wise and yeaI get pissed about how some parents parent their kids and just let them get away with anything and everything and dont discipline at all.

  2. Well from that last story, shame on that person for just keeping on walking. I would say one of my pet peeves is when you see someone who needs help and you don't offer. Just yesterday my mom was sharing with me that she purchased three 12 packs of Dr. Peppers from the gas station because there was a great sale. Since it was a gas station there were no buggies. My mom has a messed up leg and is getting a knee replacement this summer. She said not one person offered to help her. She had to make 3 different trips into the store to get the drinks. Makes me so mad. Courtesy people....learn it!


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