Tuesday, May 20, 2014

{weekly update} week 52

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Fifty two weeks! My baby girl was born 52 weeks ago! How on earth had time gone by so fast that she is going to be a year old tomorrow?!??!!

Ellie Faith is truly the light of my life and has brought me a whole new level of love and appreciation for life. She is the sweetest girl and I have so enjoyed watching her grow and develop over the last year. It's incredible the changes that these little ones go through in their first year and I  so glad that I have documented her first year through these weekly updates!

Eats: just about anything we give her. She loves to feed herself and then run her finger through her hair. It's especially nice after a banana. So needless to say she got a bath three days in a row after dinner to clean her up!  Not sure if she had a real favorite but she loves yogurt, cookies, potatoes and pasta! Oh and bread but we already knew she was a bread-head!

my first french braid in her hair!

Sleeps: we have been successful with 3 nights in a row of sleeping in her crib the whole night. Then a couple nights she had to join us and then again the whole night in her crib last night!!

one of the nights she slept in our bed...my two loves!

Goes: no where new this week. But she did get to hang out in the yard while we were mowing, weeding and working in our gardens! We borrowed a pack n play and she loves it and we do too!

crown c/o Sweet T Baby Boutique

Loves: still a huge fan of any toy that makes noise and she really loves playing with her car seat. The puppies are a new fascination and are finally warming up to her (a little bit).  She also loves to play under our dining room table.  She found her bookcase in her room and loves to look at books and play with her wooden puzzles.  Cruising, trying to walk and self-feeding are top favorites this week!

Does: baby girl took FOUR steps the other day! she gets so excited with herself for walking she claps for herself and then falls down - its the cutest!  She also waves hello and good bye, blows kisses, and signs "more".  She says "ma-mom", "dada", and "nana" I just love her little voice!  She is a huge cruiser and a dare devil.  We have let her play in her room (while watching on the baby monitor) and she loves her book case and puzzles.  Since we have been working out in the yard and had her out there with us I think she might have a slight grass allergy (only noticed it after we mowed)  her nose gets super runny and her eyes get watery.

Mama: tough week for me. I had a meeting with our new principal to discuss next year and our enrollment has gone down so I am out of a job again for next year.  I am on the hunt for a new one and luckily there have been lots of postings for my credentials/certification.  I am wondering if this is a sign that I need to seek employment in a different field than teaching.  Maybe I can get real crafty and be a SAHM with an Etsy shop?  Other than that, my week was pretty good though my period came 4 days early so I know I am not preggo....maybe next month - God Willing!

Dear sweet Ellie Faith, you have made my life so much richer and full of love than I ever could have imagined! Tomorrow you will be ONE year old and I am so looking forward to what this next year brings! You are just the best little girl and I am so thankful to be your Mama!!

♥ Ashley


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♥ Ashley