Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{monthdate} twelve months

How can it be that a year ago today you were born and brought into our lives and made us a family? It seems like you have been with us for forever but also that we just made the trek home from Spokane last week! Oh how much richer you have made our lives and we love you so dear Ellie Faith.

Things you got to do this month:

• you got to ride in the kiddie jeep with your cousin and of course you like to go fast and stand up while it's moving!

• you got to play out in the grass and pull weeds!

• mama let you "ride" the goats and Paladin (our mini horse)

• we went to the zoo and aquarium for the first time! You loved the the fish and watching the elephants! 

Stats: official stats on Friday (but since w went to urgent care recently we got a sneak peek of them)

Height: 28"

Weight: 21 pounds

Head: larger than 19" (guess)

Food: still loving the bottle but you are becoming fond of your straw sippy cups with water. You eat just about anything we put in front of you. Yogurt is a fave as are potatoes of just about any kind (mashed, fried, hashed, baked, and BBQ), bread, pasta, and we introduced meat and you are a fan (chicken, hamburger, and steak). We tried fresh raspberries but you weren't a fan, maybe they were too sour?

Diapers: size three

Clothes: We are starting to invest in larger sizes now 12-18 months and up! I have been buying some clothing items on sale for next year. I am so happy to finally be moving out of the infant section and into the toddler clothes, they are so cute.
Sleeping: you are sleeping unswaddled and prefer to be on your side or tummy.  You sleep pretty well through the night as long as you are well fed and warm. We have had several successful nights with you staying in your crib ALL night! You are generally taking one to two naps a day but often times your "afternoon" nap starts around 5:30. 

Cries: rarely. Usually because you mouth is hurting you or you are hungry/tired.  

Loves: baths are so much more fun now! Self feeding, crawling, pulling up and "cruising", toys that make noise, the puppies, goats and horses. You are back to enjoying being upsidedown and L O V E shoulder rides!

Hates: still not a big fan of getting her boogers out and being told "no". 

Milestone: Ellie took FOUR steps on her own and is getting braver an more sturdy to continue more!

Mama's proudest moment: the first time she said "mama" (and every other time after that too) and when she first blew me a kiss goodbye is a close second!

Daddy's proudest moment: that she says "dada" when he walks into the room and then when she blows kisses is a close second. 

Oops of the month: when she was cursing along the step and fell on her right arm funny and we had to go to urgent care. Luckily she "righted" her elbow on her own and we didn't need an x-Ray! Girlfriend is tough and a total trooper. 

Things we are looking forward to: Ellie walking, talking and her first birthday party!


♥ Ashley


  1. This girl is so adorable. Happy Birthday, Ellie!

  2. Happy Birthday to such a sweet little girl who is so BLESSED to have such a wonderful and loving mommy :)

  3. I'm a little late but happy birthday little (or not so little) cutie!!!


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