Tuesday, May 6, 2014

{weekly update} week 50

Say what!? 50 weeks! How did that happen I swear we just brought her home from Spokane, or at least took our family trip to Lake Chelan.

You mean to tell me we are just 2 weeks shy of Ellie's first birthday?! Holy cow I can't believe. 

Girlfriend is a total peach and I wouldn't trade her for anything!  Her little personality is just adorable and I love how she is trying to be so independent. 

Eats: well I broke down and bought some jarred baby food - of the vegetable variety - I have already purchased all her fruit that way. Baby E is loving yogurt, french fries, bread, rice, bananas, and just about anything else we put on her tray. She is getting much better at self feeding and is a champ at usin her straw sippy cup - we will have to get some more. We tried fresh raspberries this week and they were a no-go, I'm thinking they might have been too tart for her. 

Sleeps: we successfully had two nights this last week where she slept in her crib the whole night!!! I have to admit though I missed her. She is generally goin down around 7:15-7:30 and then is up around 6:30. With a slight wakeup around 3:30-4:00 when she comes into our bed. 

Goes: church, shopping, restaurants, on a couple walks, the post office and of course Nanny's house. Not really anywhere new, but we did get a lot done for the Bridal Shower I am hosting this Saturday. 

Loves: her walker and activity table we scored for $5 each at the Goodwill. Books. Cruising around the furniture, diaper changes, eating, Sophie, her car seat, helping with the laundry, cell phones (not allowed), and paper. 

Does: pulls up on everything. Is a total dare devil. Tries to climb up things that can't be climbed. Has four teeth and is in the process of cutting two more! Says "dada", "lala", "baba", and there might have been a "mama" but can't be too sure. She signs "more", "no" (shaking head), waves, claps hands and kicks feet on command. She smiles so big when she sees "her people" it's adorable. And can crawl up stairs!!!

Mama: I feel like I accomplished a lot this week. I have been getting ready for the shower on Saturday and then a or of DIY crafting for Ellie's upcoming birthday - invites, birthday banner, high chair makeover, and our bathroom is nearly done! We just have some finishing touches and some accessories to get and then I think it will be "blog reveal" ready! I can't believe that I am going to celebrate my first Mother's Day this Sunday. It's going to be so heartwarming to have my baby girl there!

Dear Sweet Ellie Faith, how I love my little nugget so!  Your smile is so endearing and I love your cuddles and snuggles, hearing your sweet voice and watching you grow and learn even more every day!  I love seeing your sweet heart grow as you learn to share and "play" with others!

♥ Ashley


  1. Callie still LOVES yogurt! We we introduced meat with yogurt. She loved the creamy taste! Can't wait to see her party come together!!

  2. What a nice picture of you two! E's cheeks are too cute. I just want to pinch em!

  3. Oh my goodness...I want to squish her! Those cheeks and thighs!!! I can't take it! Happy (almost) birthday, sweet girl!


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