Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Weekend

First off I want to thank all the service men and women that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Because that is what this holiday is really all about. 

We had a great weekend and lucky Thomas is still on his! The school district he works for scheduled snow days for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and since our snowfall was near nothing he gets the days off!!

Friday we ate out at Red Robin (we had a free burger on our royalty card) and girlfriend loves herself some burger and fries. We went to chek out kohls to get Thomas a polo for our upcoming pictures and of course picked up some cute things for Ellie. I also found the perfect pair of pants for her to wear for the photo shoot as well! 

Then on Saturday we had planned to get family pictures taken but our photog had to cancel due to sickness. I took advantage of the nice day and the time we had carved out for it to use my big girl camera and do a mini session with Ellie! I had so much fun getting out there and shooting again, I think I need to take some classes so I can really learn how to use that puppy!  We also went out shopping and picked up a birthday present for E and got a toy basket! I love te one we got and it was an extra bonus that it was made in America with recycled materials! You can really find some gems at HomeGoods! We also stopped at HobLob for some things for Ellie's party on Saturday.

Checking out the little chairs at hoblob!

Sunday we had a relaxing day. We had hash browns and recruiting eggs.  Ellie got some too and she loved them! We did some yard work and weeding. I can now say that my front flower beds are weeded and the plants we got a month ago can finally get some roots growing! There will still be some minor maintenance with weeding but the big work is done! Now to invest in some mulch and get that spread!  We also got the last square of our veg patch weeded. We just need to bring a few wheelbarrows full of our compost over and then plant some pumpkins and more beans and cucumbers.  {We have already planted: tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, radish, kale, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage. I am hoping that with Ellie being older this year we can be better about tending to it this year.} We headed over to the in laws for dinner and so I could edit and order prints from Ellie's photo shoot. (I'll share those soon!) Ellie had so much fun she fell asleep on the couch!

Monday we were up early while Ellie slept in. We had coffee and some morning time. Then E woke up and she shared some of my doughnut with me. Thomas parents came over and we headed to the outlet mall to take advantage of the sales. Ellie got some super cute things at Carter's. (Would you believe that was the only place that had anything good for her? It's funny because I am sick of their infant stuff but their toddler clothes are something fresh!) We also stopped at Cabelas so girlfriend could check out the fish and "wildlife" she wasn't too happy when I shared with her that they couldn't hurt her because they are dead..,too early to be frank with her? Oh well. 

We also talked about some job opportunities for me and began dreaming about some plans if I get a job where I can make more than $5 a month! Joking but I do volunteer a lot of my time at my school. I love those kids and I am going to miss them so much but feel that God is pointing me in a new direction and I need to embrace it. 

Remember you a still have a few days to enter to win a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs to celebrate Ellie's first birthday!!

♥ Ashley


  1. I think I just died from her cuteness!! Adorable!


  2. Oh mah gah she is the cutest little thing ever.


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