Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My First Mother's Day

This past Sunday was a day I have been looking forward to practically my whole life especially since I got married back in 2008.

The road to this day was much longer, harder, and emotional than I had ever planned on it being but I am so grateful that I have a little now that can call me Mama (well she will hopefully soon anyways). 

Thomas did an excellent job in making the day special. 

I woke up to the chalkboards decorated for Mother's Day from both of my loves!

 Ree is my nickname at home. 

Ellie slept in an extra hour so Thomas and I had a lazy morning drinking coffee and talking. 

It was our turn to volunteer in the nursery at church so we had to get ready for this splendid day. Photo op #1

Boy is it getting more challenging to get a clear picture of Ellie these days!

On the way to church we stopped at Starbucks for a drink and treat. We had the best time getting to see our baby girl interacting with other littles. 

After church we stopped by one of my favorite local nurseries to pick up some flowers/veggies and then headed home to start working in the garden.  I did a lot of weeding in the flower bed while Thomas worked on prepping the vegetable garden for our crops.  It was such a relief to get a majority of that work done and Ellie was just adorable hanging out on her blanket in the shade practically the whole time! What a babe.  [When we first bought our house the front yard was gravel, bark, and junipers (35+ of them)  I HATED it.  So into our second year of owning the house we tore them all out and replaced it with grass and a GIANT flower bed.  Which is great since I love gardening but didn't realize how much work it was going to be to keep weeded as well as how expensive it was going to be to fill in.  Four years later and we are only about 1/2 done with filling it in!]

Then we cleaned up and got ready to head over to my in-laws for some family time and to celebrate the mom's in our lives.  (me, my MIL, SIL and GIL)  We had a great time with our family and enjoyed some great food! Oh and we had some left over cake from the bridal shower I hosted the day before and it was the best! When we got home I called up my Grandma to wish her a happy Mother's Day as well.

Overall I would say that I had a fantastic first Mother's Day and I am so thankful for Ellie for making me a Mama.  I just love that little girl to pieces and can't imagine my life without her. 

I did spend some time remembering my four angel babies up in heaven and my Momala who is up there with them.  I am so grateful that she watching over them for me until I can be reunited with them.

♥ Ashley


  1. Happy belated first mothers day to you. What a lovely day, your hubby sounds like such a sweetheart. Ellie is such a lucky little girl xx

  2. I'm SO happy/excited for you! What a special day and holiday for you to celebrate. I remember being pregnant and looking forward to the special day when the ONLY "job" I'd ever wanted would be celebrated-- being a Mother. All I can do is have Faith that one day I will be celebrated as a "real Mother" and not as a Bereaved Mother. XO

  3. sounds like a great first Mother's Day! Espically the leftover cake, coffee alone and the babe sleeping in! :)


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