Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meal planning

Yesterday I posted my Monday Meals Mashup but I didn't have our menu ready to go yesterday.

So late last night Thomas and I sat down and talked about what we wanted to have for dinners this week. So better late than never! 

Here's what's cooking in our kitchen this week:

Monday: DIY for "Cinco de Mayo". I had leftovers from Mexican food on Friday. Thomas stopped and got some terriyaki. 

Tuesday: BBQ chicken and potatoes. Our chicken is simple with S&P then just put on the grill and it's delish with some BBQ sauce. Potatoes are sliced and just add butter, S&P, some garlic and fold up in a foul packet. 

Wednesday: Thomas has a Sounders game so I'm on my own for dinner. Thinking pizza but that might change. 

Thursday: I was looking through my March edition of Better Homes and Gardens and came across a really good pasta dish with peas, it's calling my name so I'm going to try it out!  It's always nice mixing up pasta dishes to something a little unusual. 

Friday:  it's dinner out. Not sure where maybe burgers. 

Saturday: hitting the grill again with some steak and then the brown rice recipe I Reposted yesterday. 

Sunday: my first Mother's Day and we are having soup!

Monday Meals Mashup

What's cookin' good lookin'?

♥ Ashley


  1. Love that! I totally want a framed chalkboard for a menu too! :)

  2. I need to get better at meal planning! You are so organized!



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