Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{weekly update} week 36

Ellie Faith is 36 weeks today and that just blows my mind!!!  She still isn't really moving (aside from rolling everywhere) and I was sitting on the couch the other day while she was in her Exersaucer and I said to Thomas, "Oh how our lives are going to change when she starts walking! S**T is gonna get real!"  My darling little Ellie is just the cutest little nugget and I love her so!

Eats: She still loves her bottle and won't eat her solid food if she see's her bottle (so funny!)  She has been quite adventurous this week in the food department (or I have just gotten my act together and finally made some different food!)  The great thing is is that she finally is getting the hang of eating solid food so I don't have to put her food through a sieve to get out the lumps, biggest blessing!! So what is she eating?  Squash, Peas, Broccoli, Beans, Yams, Apples, Pears, Apricots, Carrots and Cauliflower!  She is also eating Puffs and is getting better at actually getting them in her mouth.

Sleeps: Basically through the night in her room, though we bring her into our bed if she wakes up but that usually doesn't happen until about 5am and then she falls right back to sleep.  Naps are hit and miss as she is so into everything she doesn't want to miss a thing!

Cries: Same old, bumps her head, teeth, overtired or over hungry.

Goes: Church, Grandpa's Church, Dim Sum at House of Hong, Uwajimaya, Trackside Pizza
and the park!

Loves: Sophie the Giraffe, Rock-a-Stack, shoulder rides on daddy, blowing raspberries, baths, and the puppies.

some serious after bath hair!

Does: Stands on her own, self feeds with Puffs, pulls up to standing, babbles a lot, and is starting to "say" "more" in sign language.

Mama: This whole month I have really been bombarded with feelings about Infertility and my four losses.  I think its healthy for me to get it out but its weird how the thoughts and memories consume you.  Other than that things have been good.  We are finally at the end of the semester and ready for a new one (I am so ready for my classes to switch up!!)  God has blessed us in many ways and I really am just loving being Ellie's mama!!

Dearest Ellie you are adorable!  You have the cutest little voice and I love your sweet little happy heart personality in the mornings!  My heart swells every time I see or think of you and I am so thankful that the good Lord has put you in my life!

♥ Ashley


  1. those cheeks are soooo cute! That stand - so strong!!

  2. LOOK AT THOSE THIGHS!!! nom nom nom nom.


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