Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{weekly update} week 35

Oh My!!!!  How can it be that my sweet little darling is already 35 weeks!!  We had a fantastic week and enjoy this time/age so so much!

Eats: Girlfriend is digging the solid foods now.  I had to buy some applesauce (she had a horrible bout of diarrhea this past week and needed some additional fiber) this week and she LOVES it!  Haven't really introduced much new food this week, due to the loose poops.  She also is loving her Gerber Organic Apple Puffs!

Sleeps:  She has been pretty good at night but her naps have been all sorts of weird.  We are still swaddling her at night and she is sleeping in her crib.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night we just bring her into bed with us and she sleeps until we get up.  Generally she goes down around 8pm and wakes anywhere between 5:30-7am.  Not too bad.

Cries:  Little E really only cried this week when she "sharted" and it irritated her diaper rash.  It was pretty bad, her skin broke - so we got an RX diaper rash cream and it cleared right up!

Does: Baby Girl can stand on her own, eat puffs by herself, crawled two "steps"!, and can pull up.  I also meant to mention last week that she has discovered her hands, not with her mouth (that happened a few months ago) but with her eyes.  She LOVES them! haha, she will just sit there staring at her hand watching her fingers move, it is adorable!  She also got to go out to the farm this week and pet the goats and our mini horse! We are also starting to teach Ellie sign language, we are working on "more". 

Loves: Ellie Faith is loving her toys and is so much more interactive with them.  She adores shoulder ides, her puppies, and snuggles.

Goes: Not really anywhere new this week, just grocery shopping, church and Costco.

Mama: I was a little down this week, probably due to my hormones and whatnot.  But I had the chance to really reflect and came to the conclusion to Choose Joy instead of focusing on the negative and having a more positive outlook really does make a difference in your everyday life.  I have my spark again and feel more like myself then I have in about 2 weeks.  With that said I can put more focus on enjoying my life with Ellie.

My dearest and sweetest Ellie your smile and laugh make my heart swell.  You have the sweetest personality and I love seeing you interact and learn new things.  You are so smart and are a true source of happiness in my life!

♥ Ashley

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