Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{weekly update} week 33

I can't believe that Ellie is already 33 weeks old! So much has happened and changed in her short little life and her personality is really starting to show through. 

Eats: I think it's official. She doesn't like store bought baby food. I'm not complaining because that means she already loves her mama's cooking! She still eats about 28-30 ounces on formula. Broccoli, Squash, Yams, Peas, Beans, and Pears (so far I don't think she is a fan of fruit). I also tried Sweet Potato again and she liked it a little better but doesn't love it. I got a veg medley that she is going to try this week; cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. 

Sleeps: she has been sleeping in her crib in her room at night, still swaddled though she has wiggled her way out a few times and then we bring her into our bed where she sleeps perfectly. I think she gets a littl cold in her room so have to figure out a blanket situation. Any suggestions? She is sleeping 8-10 hours at night. 

Cries: really only when overly tired or when we miss her hungry cues. Occasionally when she bumps her head on something but is easily distracted or comforted. 

Goes: we had our last week of Christmas vacation, and finally went back to work yesterday. It was very sad. Once again Ellie Faith has been out and about shopping, going to restaurants, and going to her Nanny & Papa's. We also took her to get her "six-month" pictures done (yes I realize it's already seven months) and as much as she loves the camera at home she was very scared in the studio with that big scary camera. Needless to say she cried at that! We were lucky enough to get a few great shots and I can't wait for the pictures to be developed and put them up in our home!

Loves: her daddy, shoulder rides, jumping in her Exersaucer, and rolling around on the floor everywhere.  We have a couple of fabric books that she just absolutely adores and they have crinkle stuff in them so they are very noisy when she plays with them. She also is in love with all of her Christmas toys and is playing in her crib and it is so fun to watch on the baby monitor.

Milestones: E. F. Celebrated her first New Year's eve and New Year's day. Is a little Wiggleworm. Said "dada"on Christmas day and I swear I heard her say "mommy" on New Year's Day. She can pull herself up to a standing position and she can also do squats with little help from her arms. Also on Saturday she stood for a full 15 seconds all by herself! Ellie has also started making lots of noises and she screams so deep in her throat who makes her cough afterwards, it's hilarious.

Mama: I did not want to go back to work yesterday. But luckily I have the day off and we get to have mommy Ellie day today. Things are going well and I so enjoyed having Christmas break with my sweet little darling. I am feeling much better and starting to get into a routine with Ellie. I even had the opportunity to start reading a book again this week! Yaya!!

Dear sweet little Ellie I love you so much. You're quite the little ham and love being the center of attention. You're just the cutest girl and make my heart swell with so much joy.



  1. she is so cute!! our baby girl is 26 weeks and still swaddled. she seems to be fighting to get out but when we unswaddle her its a nightmare! hoping we figure it out soon!

  2. She is such a cutie and I love her holding her own bottle - so grown up!
    As to the blanket question. My daughter hated being swaddled or confided in anyway so we stopped that very early so this may or may not be helpful. We used the sleep sacks for a few months to keep her warm but she moved so much we didn't feel like those were safe for her (although I know moms who use them well into the toddler days so this may be a good option). Around 8/9months we just went ahead and gave her a real blanket. She still moved everywhere and would kick it off. I used to sneak in and cover her back up but then i stopped and it didn't seem to make any difference in her sleep. I guess those feet fussy PJs kept her warm enough. Anyway I hope this helps you a little. It's all trial and error bc every baby is so different!


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