Tuesday, January 28, 2014

That Dog!!

Well it finally happened. I was hoping it wouldn't, but I guess it was inevitable. Cooper got a hold of one of Ellies stuffed animals. Normally this would be fine except he decided to have really sharp teeth this time.  It actually makes me pretty sad because Ellie really liked this particular puppy dog. But in true Cooper fashion he started to chew through one of the legs and puncture multiple holes inside the body of the dog.  I am going to try and repair it, knowing that it will not be 100% the same. I love Cooper but that little dog is such a little shit right now. I guess I just have to be more careful about picking up her toys and not leaving them around even when I'm home. Dammit. Oh well at least it was just little stuffed animal not a big deal but still makes me pretty mad.

See the hole just above the right leg and hip? Grrrrrrrrr. 


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  1. Oh dogs! We've been lucky that our dog has left Callie's stuffed toys alone... however he loves to eat the fisher price little people! We had to hide her princes castle in her room or he would have eaten all the princesses!


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