Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{weekly update} week 34

I can't believe how quickly time is going and my sweet little girl is already 34 weeks old!!  She is 5 weeks shy of being out for the time she was "cooking"!!   That is just crazy to me.

Eats: Still gets like 95% of her food from bottles.  She is starting to get the hand of eating off a spoon and is really liking that bonding time.  Beans, Peas, Squash, Broccoli, and Yams.  She has also had a few Gerber Puffs and likes them okay.  Going to try some fruit this week.  Probably start off with a Banana!

Sleeps: Still in her own room, but we bring her into our bed in the mornings.  She is still sleeping about 9 - 10 hours at night. On Saturday and Sunday though, she thought it would be fun to start the day at 5am!! (usually we have until 6am) but then yesterday and today she slept in until 7am!!  Girlfriend is still swaddled and her monitor is our favorite channel!

Cries: We have had a few random cry spells here and there this week.  She is starting to get a little taller so we are probably going to move her changing table away from the book shelves (she has bonked her head a few times).  Otherwise she just lets us know when we missed her hungry or tired cues!

Goes: Church, to visit her Great Grandma, Costco, and just random shopping.  I can't wait for her to get a little bigger (and start walking) so we can go to the park - weather permitting of course!

Does: Stands, Sits, Claps her hands, Shakes her head, and can Pull herself up to standing position!

Loves: Her noisy square toy, spoons, spatulas, This Teether, her activity cube, and her O-Ball rattle and basically anything she can get into her mouth!

Milestones: FIRST PONYTAIL!!!!!!!!! We are starting to teach her some sign language but she hasn't really caught on yet.  Hopefully more in the next couple of weeks.  She is "rocking" while on all fours so MAYBE just MAYBE crawling will be in her near future - but I really think she is going to skip it and just start walking! Definitely recognizes both Mama and Daddy!!

(first pony and she LOVED it!)

Mama: I am doing pretty good.  I would love to find a way where I can just stay home with my baby girl!  I had a little bit of a rough weekend but I will pull through and be 'fine' as usual. Like most working mom's I wish there was an easier way to be at home but bills have to be paid.  I am looking for sponsors for my blog to help out in the finance department - so if you are interested that would be awesome! Just email me!

Sweet Ellie girl, you light up my life like I never could have imagined.  I love your cute little personality and your happy self!  I am so blessed and thank God for you every day!

♥ Ashley

That Suburban Momma


  1. She is the sweetest little miss around!!!! Those cheeks, omg, adorable! :)



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