Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 45

Ok these weeks are going by so fast!! How are we at 45 weeks already?!! It's bittersweet because we are coming to a close on sweet Finnley's first year but some of the more challenging times are behind us.  She is growing and changing every day and her personality and goofy faces are my favorites.

Week 45

Eats: not much new here but she is definitely not a vegetable girl, she will take all the fruits though.  Oh and unlike her sister she likes there are brownies, fudge and hot chocolates in our future!!! Girlfriend gets super excited when she sees her bottles and I am pretty sure she is signing "milk" now, we are still working on "more" but I'll take what I can get ;)  I finally got the babe a sippy cup, these are the same ones we used with Ellie and had success with them so I figured we use them again.  I haven't been too intentional with getting her to use them this week so hopefully I will get better this week.

Sleeps: well, we had quite the adventure this week with Finnley and her sleeping.  She somehow managed to get out of her crib at naptime...we had to retire her sleep sacks because she is too long for them, she is wanting to pull up on all the things, and I think both of those contributed to her escape.  So we had to lower her mattress and I am on the lookout for a new sleep sack for her that will fit her long body.  I have one of these that is super thin but does the trick for now.

Goes: we had quite the week this week since Thomas was on mid-winter break from school.  We went to Ellie's ballet, Ellie's swimming, and to Ellie's school for a play day...Finnley had so much fun watching all the kids and playing with the toys, I loved her being a "big girl" and sitting on the step outside.  We went over the mountains to Thomas' parents new house and the girls had a great time exploring and playing with all the toys that have been in storage. We headed down to Olympia to check out the Hands On Childrens Museum and Ellie had a total blast...there were a few things for Finnley to do as well and I can't wait to go back.

Does: she is pulling up on all the things, getting into the pantry, dumping out all the crayons and cruising on the furniture.  She is also walking with her walker and I think she might be starting to wave!!  We had some great weather this last week so I was able to go out and get some farm chores done during naps and when Thomas got home I drove to get hay.  When I got back the girls were awake and they helped us unload the hay and park the truck! 

Mama: I have had a couple of headaches but overall am feeling really good.  I know I have some planning and work to do for both of my girls birthdays and am hoping I can make this one special for Finnley.  I am wanting to go with an Alice in Wonderland theme and have all sorts of ideas...I just need to put them into action - or I might be late!! haha  Finnley is making some great strides to becoming a toddler and I know that I am supposed to enjoy them while they're little but I seriously cannot wait for Finnley to start walking on her own!! I am hoping and praying it happens here pretty soon because I can't handle the crawling, as much as I love it it's just not that sanitary!!

Sister: these two love each other something fierce.  I love the sister baths and all the hugs they give each other.  Ellie is constantly wanting to squeeze her sister's head, give her all the kisses, while also wanting to knock her over and not share the's a balance I tell ya!  They are both total stinkers and my most favorites ever!!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. They are just so cute together!!! I hope your head feels better this week!


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