Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 49

49 weeks?!!! Holy cow I can't believe how close to the wire we are getting!!! This was a big week and girlfriend made a lot of strides this week!!

Week 49

Eats: ahh she is feeding herself!! like I can put Puffs, Yogurt Melts or Squares down on her high chair and she will pick them up and put them in her mouth all by herself (she started it on my birthday!!)  She also figured out how to suck out of a pouch all on her own so we can be eating on the go now, which is so nice.  I have been really working on feeding her more solids this week since we are on the final countdown to eliminating the bottles and formula!! about 4 weeks and counting!!

Sleeps: we are back on to a better schedule with night sleeping and naps!!  the babe is taking a morning nap just around 9 am for about an hour and then her afternoon nap around 12:30 for a good 2-2 1/2 hours!  Finnley generally goes down for bed around 7 - 7:30 and is up around 6:30-7.  I love walking in and getting a glimpse of her loving on her Mouse or Bunny!!

Goes: Finnley had quite the week with her adventures!  We made a "quick" trip to IKEA while Ellie was at school, they have been building a new store and it finally opened!! Our IKEA now boasts an upstairs and the layout is a bit different than the old one... We ventured out to see Beauty and the Beast in theatre's and the girls did okay,  Finnley couldn't get close enough to the screen!! haha  We went out for my birthday to an Irish restaurant that I have been going to for practically all my life (although I have taken a few years off here and there) it is such a fun tradition and I love it even more now with my two girls!! We also went to the library and the park when the beautiful PNW graced us with some sun this weekend.

Does: all the things the big kids do, like sitting in chairs, feeding herself, pulling up on everything and saying "dadadada" over and over again. Now that the babe can feed herself we had a picnic on the First day of Spring and it was so much fun spending time outside with the girls!

Loves: while I am still her favorite, Finnley is loving her Dada lately.  He gets all the smiles and all the words!!  It melts my heart seeing how much the girls love him, they know how hard he works to support us and makes the most of family time.  I guess I love him too ;)

Mama: y'all this has been the best.  The babe and I have been spending some serious time together and I am loving every second of it.  I love how much more self sufficient she is getting, how she is trying so hard to walk, and just that she is becoming quite the little person.  We are on the cusp of my favorite age/stage (Toddler) and I am soaking it all up!!

Sister: I mean could there be a better set of sisters than these two?  They love each other so much, Ellie is always wanting Finnley to play with her (until Finnley starts grabbing for the toys ;) ) Finnley is always on the lookout for Ellie and just watching the two of them together is priceless.  Ellie is such a great helper, IDK what I would do without her - probably walk around the house a lot more ;) But these two sure do love each other!

♥ Ashley 

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