Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 50

I am almost having a hard time with the fact that the Finn is 2 weeks shy of her first birthday.  I have to admit though that we are fast approaching my favorite stage - Toddlerhood!!!!! that I can hardly contain my excitement.

Week 50

Eats: well I have made some huge strides in the feeding department.  Finnley can self feed, has definite likes (fruit) and dislikes (veggies) and we have replaced at least one feeding a day with some solid foods.  We have less than 3 weeks left of bottles and formula (we have switched up the formula because I keep getting coupons - save me all the money please!!) so I really need to be more intentional this week of encouraging the Sippy Cup.  We've been really lucky this time around that Finnley doesn't seem to have many issues with food and has a much stronger GI tract than Ellie.  She loves her sweet things and is all about cookies, cakes, and chocolate ;)  Also pouches have been a total life saver around here, not only can Finnley feed herself with them but I can sneak in some veggies and grains into her diet as well.

Sleeps: Finnley babe has been rocking it in the sleep department.  She has been taking some solid afternoon naps (2+ hours) and a couple of short morning naps as well.  She is also sleeping for some decent hours at nighttime 7-7:30pm to about 7:00am.  It has been awesome and the weather has been pretty great this week that I have been able to accomplish a lot of farm chores during naps (Ellie also takes a solid 2+ hour nap in the afternoon).

Does: last week girlfriend cried and cried when I tried to teach her how to climb up the was just too hard and this week she climbed the entire flight all by herself (of course I was one stair behind her the entire way...) but she still won't walk!!! I know that babes do things in their own time when they are ready, but I am so ready for her to be walking!!! She is cruising along furniture, pulling up on everything and even attempting to stand up on her own!! She can stand for long periods of time and is more coordinated when she walks holding our hands.  So I guess she is making progress.  Other things she is doing:
feeding herself, clapping her hands (the cutest), sucking on her fingers (not the cutest),
says "Dadadadadada" and sometimes "momomomom" so we'll take it as talking, occasionally will sign "more", shakes head "no", and smiles at her people.

Goes: we went to the mall, to Ellie's ballet and gymnastics classes,  and then Thomas was out of town for 4 days so we lived up life just the three of us girls.  We lunched, we shopped, and I sold some of our furniture through OfferUp and the girls went into the nursery at church.  I was so busy entertaining both girls that I didn't really get too many pictures of our girl time but we had a great time.

Mama: We missed Thomas something terrible while he was at his conference but we had a fabulous time just the three of us and kept ourselves busy enough that our time without him was so much fun.  While I was so happy for him to come home I think we did really well without him.  Finnley was a total rock star and slept in until almost 8am every morning and Ellie was on her best behavior.  This mom gig is even better than I imagined and I love having both of my girls to enrich my life.

Sister: as I mentioned above Ellie was a spectacular sister this week.  We did have some arguments and redirection over letting Finnley play with toys but overall they were the bees knees.  Ellie's heart for her sister is something to be admired and I love watching these two girls growing up together.  My heart is so full.

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