Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 48

Here we are, another week down and another week closer to this little babe turning ONE year old!!  We are less than a month away from her birthday and I am looking forward to soaking up all that these last several weeks have to give.  Sweet girl has been quite the babe this week and I am just thrilled spending every day with her.

Week 48

Eats: I have really been mindful of incorporating more solids into Finnley's diet this week.  Pouches are my new favorite way to feed her.  I usually start out with a spoon and then we move on to her just sucking out of it!  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she picked up on sucking out of the pouch.  The other thing that I really like about the pouches is that they offer a wide variety of different foods and flavors...something that Ellie really missed out on.  But let me tell you that sweet Finn is all about her bottle and I can tell that dropping the bottle before naps and bedtime is going to be a bit difficult for her.  One think that we are lacking on is getting the babe to self feed, she can do it but I feel like she needs this week I am going to put forth more of an effort to get her to feed herself some puffs, melts and other finger foods.

Sleeps: the Finn has been getting a bit better in the sleep department.  Our Weekend was busy so her naps were off but somehow we lucked out with the time change (I remember Ellie was great with her first time change too) and she has been sleeping pretty good the past couple of days.  We still have the babe sleeping for 11 hours at night and then get at least 2 hours for her naps.

Goes: we worked an extra day this week and got to join my nanny kid on his school field trip, we visited the mall and attended an event at the Disney store, made a trip to Target, the Zoo, got flowers, and a trip to the Library.  Sweet babe just goes along and has such a great attitude.  She love to watch and observe everything.

Does: she is waving, gives high fives, standing on her own!!! and grabs for everything.  I am convinced that she has Go-go-Gadget arms because she can reach just about anything.  She is making all sorts of noises that I believe is her "language" and she can vocally respond to us with is so fun.  She makes the most noise in the car seat when we are driving around and I just love her commentary.

Mama: seriously y'all this is the best stage and I am loving every second of it.  I love getting glimpses of my girls and their friendship through the years.  My birthday is coming up on Friday and I have to say that this birthday is one that I am most looking forward to.  While my hearts desire is to have 4 kids I can't express how satisfied I am with my two girls.  I just feel like I am in a really good place right now, both mentally and emotionally and it feels so freeing.  I didn't realize how deep in I was with my infertility until I got a new perspective.

Sister: Ellie loves her sister and Finnley loves her sister.  They are quite the pair and Ellie for sure gets the biggest and best smiles out of Finnley.  They laugh and play and Ellie is doing pretty good at sharing with Finn.  I love that Finnley is able to do more and that they can really enjoy each other.

Ellie's dress 

♥ Ashley

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  1. My son is a year old and enjoys those pouches and puffs too! Can't believe your little one is almost a year old. They grow up so fast, don't they?!


  2. They are so cute.... Wow time flies by so fast.. I can't believe she is about to be 1
    Chelsea @

  3. Finley is so cute. I love those sibling St. Patrick's Day photos! Very lovely. Pouches, puffs and melts -- yes to all of them!


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